Europe in the Red: A fan’s update of the Eurotheatre for Cyberpunk Red

Europe in the Red: A fan’s update of the Eurotheatre for Cyberpunk Red is unofficial content provided under the Homebrew Content Policy of R. Talsorian Games and is not approved or endorsed by RTG. This content references materials that are the property of R. Talsorian Games and its licensees.

Permission to use R. Talsorian Games art requested via discord here. All art used from R. Talsorian Games books is identified as such and belongs only to them.

Welcome chooms! Glad to have you here and to have your interest in Europe in the time of the red. Since reading about Europe in the red core book I became interested in it, and after going through the Eurosource plus book for 2020 I became enamored with it.

The issue to me was that the world during the time of the red and the world of 2020 are, of course, quite different, and parts of it (technology, society, etc.) are simply not compatible. However, these incompatibilities feel even stronger in the case of Europe, and this is what this collection aims to provide: take the Europe as defined in the 2020 eurosource and transform it to the time of the red, with the damage of the 4th corporate war, the datakrash and the consequences they would bring.

This collection of articles does not aim to replace fully the Eurosource (we are talking about 100+ pages of content) so if you are unfamiliar with Europe in Cyberpunk 2020 these articles might be confusing, I tried to paint the general idea, but at the very least I’d recommend reading the “Fortress Europe”, “Class and Eurostyle” and “The roles in Europe” chapters for some basic understanding of the European edgerunner scene. You can get the Eurosource Plus from drivethrurpg or from the R Talsorian Games store.

The articles, as described before, aim to update the setting in relation to changes to the technology, the roles and society to the time of the red and its characteristics. It also tries to take the lore started on 2020 and carry it over to the time of the Red, such as the Spanish conflict and the fate of IEC. The articles take for granted that the reader is familiar with the changes to the setting as covered in the firestorm books and the Cyberpunk red core rulebook, so the bigger general changes, such as the disruption of trade, the scarcity of products, the nomads as providers of transportation, the fall of the net, the advent of CitiNets, and burst networks across cities are assumed as part of the setting and not covered.

Originally, I was planning to write lore for the Spanish, Italian and Greek conflicts, however, after the amount of research and writing that it took me to write the Spanish conflict alone (which was a history and setting that I was vaguely aware of) I decided to not continue with the Italian and Greek ones (I lack any familiarity with Italian and Greek history to write something decent). I might decide eventually to come back to those and write something for them, but do not expect them in the near future.

I also plan to add, with some more detail, certain countries and cities (mostly those that I plan to create campaigns for, this is the whole intention of these articles). At the moment of writing that would be France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Hamburg and the North of Spain (New Barcelona, Basque Country, Navarre).


  1. Fortress Europe
  2. United Europe
  3. Peace, Gone
  4. Corporations and Europe
  5. France
    1. Gangs and Factions
    2. Paris
      1. Places of interest and power players
      2. Grand Paris
      3. Untitled campaign A (coming soon)
      4. Untitled campaign B (coming soon)
    3. Marseille (Cancelled)
  6. Belgium & The Netherlands (Coming soon)
  7. Hamburg (Coming soon)
  8. Spain (Coming soon)
    1. New Barcelona
    2. Basque Country and Navarre


Thanks to my wife for putting up with my 5:00AM research and writing sessions

Thanks to Masterclow, Serabat, Sirfalas, ElChessire, and AT for their help and ideas.

Thanks to mixa_.m for his amazing art.

Thanks to R Talsorian Games for the incredible content.

Thanks to the R Talsorian Games discord community for always being helpful.

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