Europe in the Red: France!!

It’s been a couple of months, but filled with work towards Europe in the time of the Red. As promised, here comes the lore for France. This was some really interesting work, including research into France history, France lore in cyberpunk and some digging into alternative forms of government and blockchain! Indeed, all of that included in this update. I think this update brings with it some very exciting and unique lore ideas for campaigns and adventures; I know I’m dying to create some myself.

A fresh addition to this update that I’m very enthusiastic about is the gangs and factions for France. In the previous publication the content only included lore, and being done with it I can finally work towards something more tangible and useful in campaigns. I hope whoever reads and uses it finds the organization of each gang practical. The content is aimed to convey not only the history of the gang but also how they are set up, what people are in it and what does each gang want to achieve. The gangs added are historical criminal organizations in France and in the Cyberpunk universe in Europe, but also added some fictitious ones based in French history and stereotypical French things (in the good way) with a nice cyber twist on top.

Anyway, no more preamble. Please enjoy this update and go ahead and read about France in the time of the red and the groups that form her.

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